In Springfield, House Speaker Mike Madigan sometimes refers to Rep. Mike Tryon as “Mr. Transparency.” This is because Mike Tryon created the Illinois Transparency and Accountability Portal (ITAP). Rep. Tryon was the Chief House Sponsor of HB35 from the 96th General Assembly, which mandated the creation and maintenance of the website.  Because of Rep. Tryon’s legislation, citizens can go to www.accountability.illinois.gov to see exactly how their tax dollars are spent. The ITAP provides direct access to information concerning State employees and individual consultants, State expenditures, State tax credits, State contracts, and revocations and suspensions of occupation and use tax certificates of registration and professional licenses. Over time, the portal has been expanded and enhanced, and today it is known as the one-stop place to go if involved citizens want to monitor how money is spent so that the government officials can be held accountable.

Rep. Tryon has also been a strong advocate for bills to provide more transparency to the budgeting process and has fought hard to end the popular practice of the Democrats presenting budget bills that are voted on within hours of Republican legislators receiving them.