Rep. Tryon is on record as being in favor of term limits. He has researched the issue in depth, and has found that in some states with term limits the legislators feel they must leave office just as they are becoming effective legislators. In Missouri, for example, legislators are limited to three terms, or six years, and many legislators feel they are just becoming effective in their role as a legislator in that third term. For that reason, Rep. Tryon supports a 12-year term limit in the General Assembly, which translates into three terms in the IL Senate or six terms in the IL House.

Rep. Tryon has commented publicly that most legislators in the House spend their first two terms learning how to effectively move legislation by developing trusted relationships with other legislators.

Rep Tryon strongly supports term limits for leadership positions such as Speaker of the House. With Mike Madigan in charge for 28 of the last 30 years, a clear agenda has been set that Rep. Tryon believes has brought Illinois down a very bad path. Even if term limits for legislators were not enacted, Rep Tryon believes the House Speaker position, which many believe wields more power than the position of Governor, should be limited to 12 years or less.